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At Boss Better Living Systems we only use the best quality Australian Standard boards and Materials. We are proud to be associated with these suppliers.

Where to Start

If you are beginning your search for a new kitchen or piece of joinery, finishes can be quite confusing these days. We have put together this general outline of finishes, to assist with your decision.

Doors / Panels

Melamine, many call this a "Laminate" door. Generally finished with a 1mm PVC Edge. The quality of melamine edging is now far improved from the old style paper edging most people have grown up with. Available in a variety of colour and grains in Matt, Textured or Sheen finishes. Sheet sizes vary.

2 pack polyurethane paint, a very good quality product. This is available in Matt and Gloss with a large range of design options.

Timber Veneer, where a thin layer of timber is added to a particle board then finished with a clear top coat.

Solid timber doors, a traditional style kitchen door with many options. Finished with a clear 2 pack. Various design options available.

Laminate Doors
Laminate Doors
2 Pack Doors
2 Pack Doors
Granite Benchtop FAQ

Is all natural stone suitable for bench top applications?

All natural stone can be used for kitchen bench top applications. Some natural stone performs better in the kitchen. The use that your kitchen gets should be a factor in the type of stone that you choose.

What are the recommended stones for bench tops?

Granite is the most popular and durable natural stone used in kitchen bench top applications. (We recommend Granite)

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on product, availability and where the stone is sourced from.

How does price compare to Quantum Quartz / engineered stone?

Generally natural stone is slightly more expensive that engineered stone although with some product comparisons the opposite is true.

Is there much colour variation in a block of natural stone?

There can be significant colour variation with a slab. It is strongly suggested that the slab is viewed at the supplier to ensure that it meets the tastes of the user.

Can natural stone be used outside?

Natural stone can be used outside and is a great option for the popular outdoor kitchen. Depending on exposure to sunlight and other elements as well as the care that it receives it may “weather”. The performance of the stone should not be affected as evidenced by the marble the Greeks used in buildings thousands of years ago that are still standing. Engineered stone cannot be used in outdoor applications.

What thickness does it come in?

Generally the slab thickness is 20mm with a 20mm rail to form a 40mm edge, some stone comes in 30mm

Dark Granite
Light Granite
Caesarstone Benchtop FAQ

c/o http://www.caesarstone.com.au

Caesarstone® is a 93% quartz based product that has outstanding properties to ensure ease of maintenance and longevity of your surfaces. It will withstand exposure to tea, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and strongly coloured substances. Everyday Cleaning Caesarstone® requires very little maintenance to keep the surface looking like new. For everyday, routine cleaning of Caesarstone® we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a damp cloth or alternatively use a quality spray and wipe type cleaner.

Caesarstone® Cream Cleanser

Caesarstone® Cream Cleanser has been specially formulated to remove the most stubborn stains such as red wine or beetroot while taking care of your Caesarstone® surfaces. It is also suitable for cleaning sinks and taps, baths and basins, shower recesses, tile surfaces and cook tops. Available for purchase through Caesarstone® showrooms or our online store

Food Preparation

To avoid damage we always recommend cutting on an appropriate cutting board and never directly on the Caesarstone® surface.


As Caesarstone® is virtually non-porous it will keep its lustrous gloss and ultra smooth surface without polishing and it never needs sealing.

Heat Resistance

Caesarstone® will tolerate brief exposures to moderately hot temperatures, however prolonged direct contact with, or radiated heat from very hot pots can cause thermal shock, discolouration or damage. Therefore we do not recommend placing hot pots, pans, electric frying pans, oven trays, etc. directly from the hotplate or out of the oven onto the surface of Caesarstone®. We always recommend the use of a hot pad or trivet to place hot items on.

Tough? Yes. Indestructible? No.

As with any surface, Caesarstone® can be permanently damaged by exposure to strong chemicals and solvents that undermine its physical properties. Do not use products that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride, such as paint removers or stripper. Avoid any highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven cleaner that have high alkaline/pH levels. Should the surface be accidentally exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

Extra stubborn dried spills and stains

For removal of these or if you wish to give your Caesarstone® surface a thorough clean then we recommend Caesarstone® brand Cream Cleanser and a 3M™ Scotchbrite™ Never Scratch™ All-Purpose Scrubber which can be used without damaging the stone, or alternatively applied to a soft damp cloth. When using Caesarstone® Cream Cleanser we recommend using a small amount of the Cream Cleanser on a 3M™ Scotchbrite™ Never Scratch™ All-Purpose Scrubber which has been thoroughly soaked in warm water.

To remove adhered materials like food, gum and nail polish, first scrape away the excess with a sharp blade. If there are any grey metal marks on the surface, a mild detergent will remove it. Household bleach can generally be used as an effective cleaner to remove stubborn marks, but care should be taken as some products are considerably stronger than others.

For Motivo™ pattern textured collection it may also be necessary to use a non-abrasive soft bristle brush for extra stubborn stains.

Light Caesarstone
Dark Caesarstone
Porcelain Benchtop FAQ

What are Porcelain Countertops?

When creating porcelain benchtops, manufacturers use a special kind of clay, which contains a high percentage of quartz, kaolinite, and feldspar. Manufacturers mix them with other mineral oxides, making the high-quality porcelain countertops both durable and robust. The clay is placed into a kiln, and then subjected to extremely high temperatures, producing a lightweight yet incredibly strong ceramic that is famous for its translucence and brightness. Waterproof, easy to clean and hard wearing, porcelain is a popular choice for a modern homes.

What Colours and Patterns are available?

Unlike many other natural stones available in the market, there are many colour and pattern options for porcelain benchtops.

How Functional is Porcelain?

Because of the high strength of porcelain, it is one of the most durable surface covering materials available on the market. Porcelain’s high density and low porous qualities make it great for food preparation. Porcelain is highly resistant to liquids, acidic substances, and is highly scratch resistant. Porcelain’s great heat and fire resistance makes it a great product to use as a benchtop, especially around cooktops, and also for vertical surfaces, such as splashbacks.

Can it be used outdoors?

Porcelain is extremely resistant to UV rays, which allows it to retain its full colour throughout its lifetime. This makes it a great option for outdoor benchtops like BBQ areas.

What thickness does it come in?

For benchtops, the slabs are the light 12mm thick porcelain slabs which have a substrate underneath them making the finished benchtop approx. 38mm thick. There are also 6mm thick porcelain that is used for splashbacks these are also available in a gloss finish.

Does it need to be Sealed?

Generally speaking, porcelain doesn’t need any sealing because the fire glazing blocks against heat, staining and moisture.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on range, different porcelains have different price ranges (there are also several porcelain brands available). If you desire the look of marble but do not like the fact that it is not resistant to stains and etching, then porcelain is the perfect alternative for you.